Asundry thoughts by Stephanie Morgan, the singer for Stephaniesĭd, pop-noir band from Asheville, NC.


12" Red Transparent Vinyl

12" Red Transparent Vinyl

10-year old chloe: "it sounds like the ice cream man in there!"

we were listening to the just-off-the presses acetate testers for the "warm people" vinyl edition... which arrived today from the netherlands, where a special edition of the album is being pressed for release in asheville (apr. 25).

chloe was outside the screen door with the birds, scurrying her skinny self to her piano lesson downstairs with chuck. we invited her in... she sat with her piano book in her lap, and buried her head under my arm.

the sound made by grooves on vinyl is so warm and integrated and classic. i have such a grin when listening... like i've just taken a sweet afternoon nap and awoken to cherries in a bright blue bowl, delivered by the maytag repairman and his children's brass band.

five songs on each side. forty two minutes of stephaniesĭd. highest grade vinyl, transparent red.

hope to see you at the album release. apr. 25, asheville, the grey eagle. and we'll do a tour up the east coast from there.